Your data science boutique

A data analysis team

We help companies and organizations extract value and good ideas from data. We bring out patterns of behavior to derive ideas and information that are useful for business and communication. We design algorithms and paths of research and development that use artificial intelligence to make the activities of small and large organisations more effective.
We apply strategic, technological and mathematical skills to increase the efficiency, depth and validity of solutions to everyday organizational problems.

Our most popular services

- Research and development services for companies
- Algorithms design to solve specific problems
- Behaviour patterns analysis based on users and customers activity
- Classification, categorisation and analysis of corporate documents
- Analysis of online and offline networks of relationships
- Creation of prototypes for data analysis and visualization
- Creation of softwares for data analysis and visualization
- Creation of chatbots and NLP algorithms design
- Analysis and categorization of images
- Collection and analysis of public data from web
- Analysis of institutional activities and electoral data

Case histories


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