Data science consulting

We are an innovative company that operates in the field of data science.
We challenge complexity, helping organizations extract value from data in order to reduce costs, increase sales and effectiveness of operations, predict results, monitor and automate processes.
Through a rigorous working methodology and the use of proprietary technologies and descriptive and predictive mathematical models, we extract value from data of different types and from multiple sources.

Our interlocutors are the executive boards of small, medium and large organizations that combine strategic vision and the habit of facing important challenges.



Our approach

Elif Lab exploits artificial intelligence and the skills of its consultants to increase the efficiency, depth and validity of business solutions in transversal markets and processes.

Our research and development activities nurture the solutions we give to ``impossible`` problems: we believe in an approach not only data driven, but also human centric.

Innovation comes from the encounter between different skills and paths.

Our research and development paths