How we work


Our DtK (data to knowledge) methodology © is based on a consulting approach: we support our customers in every phase useful to identify and implement paths to make business processes more efficient, manageable and automatable.


  • Definition

    Step 1

    • Identification of the area of intervention
    • Definition of the work team
    • Executive sponsorship 
  • Exploration

    Step 2

    Elif Lab + client’s team


    Feasibility assessment (go/no go) with respect to:


    Required available data (internal and possible external sources), process analysis, functional requirements


    Feasibility assessment report (macro indication of duration, contents and costs)

  • Formalization

    Step 3

    Detailed project formalization with punctual indication of timing, contents and costs

    Acceptance and project kick-off

  • Composition

    Step 4

    Process design


    Internal and external data retrieving


    Data subset analysis through Elif Lab’s proprietary algorithmic suite Kymos ©


    Strategic assessment of the findings emerging from the data analysis


    Data quality and completeness assessment with feedback integration

  • Structuring

    Step 5

    Application development on full dataset through composition and integration of the algorithms of Elif Lab’s proprietary suite Kymos ©


    Integration with client’s data streams and systems


    Application configuration according to technical specifications


    Intermediate releases of the application (AGILE methodology)

  • Validation

    Step 6

    System testing


    User testing


    Technical documentation editing 

  • Release

    Step 7

    Final release of the application


    Detailed report on the process


    Report on the dataset analysis


    Training on the software

A continuous relationship:


We support our customers in the maintenance of the application.


We carry out on-demand and periodic analyses of the implemented process and its results.