Elif Lab: data science and artificial intelligence

We are an innovative company that operates in the field of data science and artificial intelligence.
We release artificial intelligence models and develop algorithms to simplify complexity and achieve business results you thought impossible.

Kymos ©

Impossible problems?
Elif Lab uses Kymos ©, the proprietary suite that is the result of its in-house research and development, to collect information and extract knowledge from heterogeneous data and sources.
Through artificial intelligence we make complex business processes more efficient, manageable and automatable.

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From data mining to data meaning

Kymos © modules

  • Data retrieval from heterogeneous sources
  • Cleaning and data management
  • Intelligence and predictive tools
  • Human interaction e automation

DtK methodology ©


Our DtK (data to knowledge) methodology © provides a consulting approach able to support our customers at every stage to identify and implement paths to make business processes more efficient, manageable and automatable.

Human centric + Data driven

We choose the most correct paths to create models capable of working on big and small data with an eye on saving technical and computational resources.
We provide modular, reliable and robust solutions that require lean infrastructures.

But that's not all.
We use our transversal skills to see beyond numbers and transform data and results into actionable strategic levers.

11 April 2022

Elif Lab among the 10 finalists of BonsApps: artificial intelligence applied to robotics

Our AWoid project, dedicated to collision avoidance in robotics, has been selected to proceed to the second stage of BonsApps. AWoid is among the...

8 December 2021

Our project JinZone selected in the European call H2020 VOJEXT

Our project JinZone has been selected in the VOJEXT open call, project funded in the context of the European Horizon 2020 research and innovation...

7 December 2021

Farm Scan selected in the European call H2020 DIGIFED

Farm Scan, project presented by Termodron and Elif Lab, has been selected in the DIGIFED Standard Application Experiment open call, project funded in the...