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Through innovative technologies, we improve and automate complex processes for your organization

We develop ALGORITHMS and A.I.

To create value for your company

ELIF LAB for you

We design algorithms, innovative software solutions and mathematical models to help you achieve your goals by asking the right questions and harnessing the best automation technologies.

Our solutions


Computer vision modules for inspection, quality control, maintenance, fault detection and process control.
Also on the edge and mobile.


Hybrid artificial intelligence framework, with proprietary semantic layer, for the control, movement and orchestration of robotic platform activities.


Modules for natural language processing and generation, through keyword extraction, identification of topics, production of summaries and automatic descriptions.


Framework for automated retrieval and processing of satellite data (multispectral and radar), with proprietary algorithms for anomaly detection.

Experts in innovative technologies

We create models capable of working on big and small data with an eye on saving technical and computational resources.
We provide modular, reliable and robust solutions that require lean infrastructure and can also work on-the-edge.

Human centric + Data driven

Our methodology is based on a consultancy approach capable of working alongside our clients at every stage to identify and implement paths to make business processes more efficient, controllable and automatable.

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