Elif Lab: your data science boutique

We collect, analyze and visualize data. From big data and small data, we extract useful information and effective strategic ideas.
We design custom algorithms, probabilistic and predictive models to interpret reality starting from data.
Innovative technologies and artificial intelligence for the research and development of your business activities.

Tailor made algorithms

Designed to solve your problem and effectively manage large amounts of data.

Image analysis

We extract strategic information from photographs and videos.

Text analysis

We classify and extract meaning from different types of texts.

Chatbot and AI

Automated conversations to easily manage your marketing and customer care activities.

Customer base analysis

Anticipate the needs of your customers to send them the right message.

Research and development

Bring innovation within your organization: partnerships to grow together.

Our solutions

Tailor-made services and data driven products to exploit the possibilities of the most innovative technologies.

Use cases

Text analysis CRM

CRM / Text Analysis /

Churn management

CRM / Digital solutions /

Ads clustering

Digital solutions / HR / Text Analysis /

Customer base analysis

CRM / Digital solutions /

Data extraction from images

Digital solutions / Image analysis /

Knowledge management

HR / Text Analysis /

Collection of institutional data

Academics / Politics / Text Analysis /


We train algorithms to deliver results, make predictions and take decisions based on past experience and to learn and readjust their behaviour to the data provided.
We use new deep neural network techniques to solve problems regarding images and text. Deep neural networks allow solutions to be found on issues that usually require human intervention and are difficult to solve with other tools.
We create Bayesian models to transform the expertise of customers and experts into data-derived artificial intelligence algorithms.
Bayesian models allow you to work on abstract concepts and let us obtain results even from limited amounts of data.
We use all classical statistical techniques to explore and evaluate data.
Traditional statistical tools are fundamental instruments for bringing out the potential and value of data.

Human centric + Data driven

We use a variety of methodologies to best address your specific problem.
We choose the right set of techniques to create algorithms capable of working on big and small data with an eye to saving technical and computational resources.
We provide modular solutions that require lean infrastructure.
But not only that. We use our transversal expertise to see beyond numbers and turn data and results into actionable strategic levers.


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