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Our interview on Partecipazione

Participazione, the magazine of UILTuCS (The union representing workers in the tertiary, tourism, commerce and services) interviewed our two co-founders, Paola Bonesu and Gabriele Lami, on the impact of the use of algorithms and data analysis technologies on the union's sectors. The full issue is online here ...
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Elif Lab with 99eLode

Paola Bonesu, co-founder of Elif Lab, in collaboration with SheTech, is the data analytics teacher for 99eLode, the training and guidance project on the most requested digital skills organized by Fastweb Digital Academy, Cariplo Factory and Io Donna. 99eLode involves 99 selected graduates giving them access to the campus held ...
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8+1 books for your holidays

8+1 "paper" suggestions for Christmas: for those looking for an original gift, here are the books we discussed in the issues of our newsletter TURING vs ASIMOV published in this second half of the year. Read our tips for the 8 + 1 books to put under the Christmas tree ...
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Algorithmic metapsychology

“It was scary stuff, but radically advanced. I mean, it was smashed, it didn't work, but... it gave us ideas, took us in new directions. I mean, things we would have never... All my work was based on it” Terminator 2 Does artificial intelligence coincide with neural networks? Certainly not, ...
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Books for your summer

In view of the summer we summarize the "paper" suggestions we discussed in the issues of our newsletter TURING vs ASIMOV published in this first half of the year. Read our 14 books recommendations for you holidays. (Italian) ...
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Elif Lab a Osservatorio POLIMI

Elif Lab at the Startup Intelligence Observatory – Data Science & Analytics by POLIMI

On June 13th Elif Lab is one of the speakers invited to present its startup at the Startup Intelligence - Data Science & Analytics Observatory of Politecnico di Milano. Big Data, here are the Italian startups that offer innovative solutions to companies. (Italian) ...
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Elif Lab at Forum Retail

The 29th and 30th November 2018, Elif Lab will take part in the eighteenth edition of the Forum Retail. Within the session MOBILE & OMNICHANNEL STRATEGY IoT e Conversational Commerce: come cambierà la user experience? (November 30th, 11:30 a.m.) we will talk about how we use data analysis and algorithms to ...
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The importance of the analysis of online and offline purchasing behaviour to increase the effectiveness of marketing activities

On Wednesday, May 30, 2018, Elif Lab will be one of the speakers at the "Innovation & Sales" meeting organized by ProjLink and ADICO (the Italian Association for Sales and Marketing). We will talk about the importance of the analysis of online and offline purchasing behaviour as a tool to ...
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Elif Lab at Data Driven Innovation

Italy's largest conference on the world of data and innovation. On May 18 we will be present in Rome with a talk entitled "Bayesian probabilistic algorithms and human sciences for modeling and predicting behaviors". Event agenda ...
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Elif Lab - Programmi elettorali Elezioni 2018 Italia

Semantic analysis electoral manifestos – Italian political elections 2018

We analysed the electoral manifestos presented by the parties participating in the forthcoming elections on March 4th 2018. We downloaded all the manifestos from the Transparency section of the Ministry of Interior’s website ( All the documents are in PDF format and we applied OCR recognition methods to extract and ...
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Analyzing the gastronomic offer by city

What is eaten in restaurants in Rome and Milan? Through the data collection and analysis we describe how Italians' tastes are changing highlighting the increase in the number of some ethnic cuisine restaurants. Our research for Identità Golose: ...
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Elif Lab - Mappa full nodes bitcoin

Bitcoin: mapping Italian full nodes

To monitor the infrastructure at the base of the bitcoin exchanges in Italy, we have created a map showing the full nodes active in the country. Watch live! Read also our analysis on bitcoin exchanges in Milan: ...
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Elif Lab - Analisi Instagram

City marketing: analyzing pictures on Instagram

How do people represent Milan and Rome on Instagram? We analyzed 18269 photos with hashtag #milano and 16039 posts with hashtag #roma during December 2017. Find out more in our article for Milano Città Stato: ...
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Elif Lab at Forum della Comunicazione 2017

On June 8 2017, Elif Lab will be the the event partner of "Il ruolo delle "Il ruolo delle relazioni istituzionali e della comunicazione d'impresa per lo sviluppo del sistema Paese", a Main Executive Circle (on invitation) that will focus on the state of Public Affairs in Italy. The event, ...
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Elif Lab - Arxiv - Self Driving topics

“Self driving”: scratching the surface of the topic

The “self driving” issue is becoming central in the news mainstream and it will probably re-shape the vehicle market in the next few years. It is always difficult to stay up-to-date on the emerging ideas and concepts: in order to try to extract some insights regarding self driving, we’ve analyzed ...
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Analyzing visits on Wikipedia pages

Analyzing the number of viewers on different days and time of the day, lets us discover trends and monitor events that are gaining popularity on Wikipedia. Which are the most followed tv shows? Did that political event have an impact on a broader audience? Is there a correlation between those ...
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What future for Italian political parties?

Jointly with VoteWatch Europe we compared voting behaviour of the Italian political parties in the European and in the Italian Parliament. You can read the research on our blog on Medium. We also realized two interactive maps showing the key votes we analyzed in the study. Each dot on the ...
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Exploring MEPs’ connections on Twitter

Starting from a list of 643 Twitter accounts that covers the presence on the social network of the 751 Members of the European Parliament currently in office, we decided to check all the accounts followed by these MEPs. Among them, we took into consideration first 8000 ones, ranked by the ...
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Match the MEP - ELif Lab

Match the MEP

We love playing with data. This is why we started thinking and creating simple games using information we collected for our projects on the European Parliament. One of them is match the MEP: can you guess the MEP by seeing only a tiny part of his face? Can you match ...
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Keyword Map - Elif Lab

Our paper on regionalist parties in the European Parliament

Several studies have tried to investigate the approach of regionalist parties to the challenges imposed by the strengthening of the European institutions, highlighting how these organizations have benefited from that process, acquiring greater weight and legitimacy over time. Here we choose to study how regionalist parties, that operate within the ...
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Thinkingabout.EU is a project born with the aim of studying the activity of all the European institutions. Gathering data from different sources, we are able to offer information about the members of the European Parliament, describing them by their most used keywords, categorizing their documents, analyzing their connections both online ...
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