Our project JinZone has been selected in the VOJEXT open call, project funded in the context of the European Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement No 952197).

JinZone aims to create a service capable of supporting robots in manufacturing, in the mapping, localisation and navigation of spaces. It combines established artificial intelligence techniques with a proprietary reasoner and orchestrator layer developed by Elif Lab, which exploits the Freudian mental model and its proprietary mathematical and algorithmic formalisation to create a new AI paradigm.
In this way, JinZone retains the advantages of known navigation technologies, but can exploit an additional layer of abstraction, reasoning and control that operates – like the mind model – on abstract representations. This adaptive technology allows for better task orientation without costly retraining, the ability to operate in dynamic and chaotic environments, and greater control over all phases. Decisions made by the robot are transparent and can be evaluated and redirected. In addition, JinZone makes it easier than other technologies to operate in unknown or unmapped environments, reducing the time to introduce robots into new contexts.

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