Customer : H2020 XR4ALL
Category : Computer Vision
Tags : 3d, Freu3d

3D reconstruction

Target: starting from a few photographs of everyday objects, create an algorithmic structure based on the Freudian model of the mind capable of interactively reconstructing the object in 3D in order to insert it into augmented reality contexts.

▪ Photographs of everyday objects

Implemented algorithms
▪ Proprietary algorithm for object recognition in the image and its positioning
▪ Proprietary algorithm for generating semantic attributes to be associated with the object identified in the image
▪ Proprietary algorithm for associating the object identified in the picture to a corresponding 3D object through the use of semantic and positioning information

Implemented interface
▪ Web interface for displaying the associations and reconstructions proposed by the algorithm
▪ Web interface for exploration of the generated 3D model and acquisition of single navigation frames of the displayed model

Our Freu3d project is among the 18 projects selected in the European call for eXtended Reality technologies organised by XR4ALL, an initiative funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (Grant Agreement n. 825545).