SGIA platform

Goal: to extract and analyse information from documents produced by various energy organisations regarding their experiences and strategies with smart grids in order to identify research topics, best practices, stakeholders and collaborations
Use case

SGIA - Smart Grids Innovation Accelerator

Elif Lab is part of the development team of SGIA – Smart Grids Innovation Accelerator, the platform developed by RSE – Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico in the framework of Mission Innovation, an international initiative aimed at accelerating innovation in clean energy.

Also thanks to the Natural Language Processing and semantic analysis technologies developed by Elif Lab, SGIA enables the sharing of information related to Smart Grids and the energy sector as a whole.

An innovative project, freely accessible on, which uses a powerful semantic search engine and offers advanced search capabilities on a database of ‘key’ documents (on energy strategies and scenarios, regulatory and financial aspects, case studies, data and technical information), selected and shared by international experts from Mission Innovation member countries.