Our paths

At Elif Lab, the research and development component plays a central role and constantly feeds our cutting-edge technology solutions and the proprietary Kymos © platform.

We have gained experience on different techniques and models.
We experiment with ideas, hybridizing "niche" paths with the most established ones, trying to find a mix that is both effective and lean.

We like to understand "how" things work, not just make them work.
We bring together seemingly distant worlds to create innovation.

Algorithms from the Freudian model

The creation of algorithms inspired by our attempt to formalize Freudian metapsychology is giving us conceptual advantages that exceed expectations. From the point of view of effectiveness, it gives us the possibility to use in a more conscious way different techniques whose affinities would otherwise not be evident.

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Logic algorithms

Embedding deep learning techniques into logic algorithms allows us to recognize causal patterns and extract general categories in photo content analysis.

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Proprietary implementations

Some techniques we use are only available in scientific articles (no open-source implementation): we therefore work on developing proprietary implementations.

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